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3997. Robert Williams

Ferdinands Childrenswear Limited
Attleborough House 
Townsend Drive 
CV11 6RU. United Kingdom.

My name is Robert Williams. I am the Marketing Manager of Ferdinands Childrenswear Limited. We are specialist fashion retailer for kids aged 0-10 years old. We make supplies to our customers in the USA and Canada every week and some prefer making payments with US based Checks which are not easily cashed here in the UK. We are willing to employ you as our part-time PAYMENT REPRESENTATIVE in the States if you are capable and willing. This way we could have our customers issue our payments in your name and have them sent directly to you via courier service.

We do not need your account details or any personal info. This position will not affect your present job nor will you have to use your own resources. It will only cost you a little of your time when necessary. Please get back to us immediately if you are interested for further details. Reply to:

Robert Williams

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