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4050. Marshal's Corp.
Subject: You ought to have a look at that!

Marshal's Corp. is now hiring! Dare to earn more and in next to
no time! We now need people willing to take up a position of
the Financial Assistant to help out with the remittance of the funds from company's clients worldwide.
As the business is being run on the large scales we lose a lot
by disbursing taxes, that's why we need you to interchange the amounts
and help us at least to reduce the tax burden. Your personal proceeds in this
case would be 5%-7% out of every transaction operation which is on the
regular basis equal to around 2500$ a month.
Besides we offer: - Flexible schedule (6 hours a week) - Saturdays & Sundays off Requirements: - Need to be aged 18 +; - No criminal record ; - Regular Internet access; - Basic knowledge of Accounting; - Ability to accept payments using your bank account; - Ability to resend the money through Western Union. If feel qualified ,please, provide the following to start up:
- Fist Name: - Last Name: - Age: - Sex: - Country: - Home Address: - State, City, Zip: - Phone number( home and cell): - Valid email address: NOTE:!!!! the email address you use to contact us for the first time is: , in the subject field put "interested".
Please, use only mentioned address! Failure in doing so might result in our inability to get your response.

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