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4066a. Dr. Rainer Williams

ActionAid International
Registered Charity Number 274467
I.R.S.Number 31-6019598


It is my pleasure to write you in respect of my Company a charity organization here in the United Kingdom, I am Rainer Williams Executive Director Action aid International. Our organization is a charity foundation which enhances social sensitivity to the problem of children. We are in search of a reliable representative who can help us establish a medium between our donors around the world, legally receiving donations in the form of cash and all other forms of payment on our behalf. This part time job offer does not affect your present job, all you need to do is receive this payment from our donors around the world in form of cashiers checks, money orders, travelers checks and get it cashed at your bank after which you deduct a 15% commission from the total fund processed and forward the balance to the company via western union or money gram where the fund is urgently needed.

Below is the application form to be duly filled out if interested and reply to

FULL NAME  .........................




ZIP CODE...........








(Information included in this application form is confidential between you and the above named charity institution, and the full name and contact information should be included as it will be written on the payments being issued to you, you should also include a valid phone number for easy contact)


According to how you have been briefed earlier by me. You are required and given a power of attorney to act and receive payment on behalf of the above mentioned charity organization. You are to deduct a 15% commission from all funds processed on a particular order by you and forward the balance payment via Western Union Money Transfer or money gram as instructed. Also you are to give a week prior notice to me via email in the case of resignation, this is to avoid conflict between us and to stop further payments from been delivered to you

DR.Rainer Williams 
Actionaid International

4066b. Action Aid

Action Aid Organisation
Hamlyn House,
London N19 5PG,
United Kingdom

Good Day,.

Action Aid Group-UK (NGO) are seeking for Agents,in our Canada/Europe/Asia
and America regions.We receive cash donations from
Individuals,Companies,Societies,Organisations,Countries, which we inturn
through the help of our Agents disburse these cash donations to various
charity Organisations, around the world.,.We Officially seek your
partnership/representation to establish a medium of getting these
donations/payments from the donors to your local account and make do of
funds as instructed by us-( Action Aid ).Be informed that for any cash
donations you receive and disburse as instructed by Action Aid Group, you
will be entitled to a 15% of the amount transfered by the issuing bank of
the donor to your local account.

We expect your reply confirming your interest.Subject to your completion
of further Official endorsements/registration you will be informed
accordingly.Confirm your name,address and contact cell phone number[s] for
onward official updates.For further details/information contact:

Dr. David Woodbine
Hamlyn House,
London N19 5PG, United Kingdom.

Upon your response, He shall provide you with more details.

Thank You

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