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4131 Dayzers NL loterij
Subject: Comfirm Your Winning!!!

Comfirm Your Winning!!!
We are happy to inform you that you have 
emerged a winner under the Second Category of our promotion , Winners 
were picked by computerized system, drawn from companies and 
 individuals e-mail addresses worldwide. The draws are officially 
announced 21st of August,2008.You have being there fore been awarded a 
lump sum of 1000,000.00(One Million Euros), which is the winning pay 
out for Category A winners.
NOTE: For easy reference and 
identification,find below your Reference Number, Batch numbers, Ticket 
Number. Remember to quote these numbers in your correspondence to our 
claim Department and also the following informations. Ticket Number: 
640/0213, REFERENCE NUMBER: 4034/8161/04, BATCH NUMBER: 15/011/IPD
(1)Your Tel. Number:
(2)Your Full Email Address:
(3)Your Nationality:
Please contact Dayzerslotterij Claim department immediately for due 
processing and remittance of your prize money to Your designated 
account of your choice:
Mr.Joost Kroneman.
Tel: 0031-645-487-706.
FAX: 0031-847-154-073.

Sincerely Yours,
Mrs.Vanessa Gogh.
Relation Officer.

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