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4139. Dr. Paul Acquah

Am delighted to contact you on a private note based on your claim to your fund
which has been programmed for transfer into your designated bank account
through our bank. I am hereby apologizing to you for the delay in releasing
this fund into your account which was caused by me because of breach of
agreement between me and your so-called partner in Ghana who introduced you
into the trasaction. Your partner approached me that they want to present you
as a beneficiary of this fund as it was an OVER-INVOICING made when the
Government of Ghana awarded contracts to foreign firms.

So after the negotiation, we unanimously agreed that they (your partner) would
give me the sum of US$200,000.00 (CASH) on my acceptance to assist them to
transfer the fund into your account. When I accepted the offer, they forwarded
all your banking particulars to my department for onward transfer to your
account. As soon as I made some fruitful effort on the business and
demanded my US$200,000.00 as agreed, your partner deviated from the agreement
and decided to go through the International Remittance Department at my back
and make a change of your bank account in other to disappoint me and you as
well not knowing that the International Remittance Department is also under my
control. Then I got the knowledge of their evil plans and prove their illicit
efforts abortive.

That is why for sometimes you have been pursuing this payment, spending
unnecessary funds to some fraudulent individuals in Ghana who claimed to be
incharge to release your fund. I want to re-emphasis to you that your fund is
still with me and under my control. Now with my whole heart I want to enter
into real business with you on a sincere agreement since your partners have
disappointed me and the fund is still floating in your name waiting for a
proper documentation and claim.

1. On an agreement, I assure you that I am going to transfer this fund into
your account.

2. You will assure me of keeping my dealings with you to an utmost secrecy
because of my position.

3. You will promise to give me 20% of the total fund as soon as the fund gets
into your account with a written promissory note signed by you.

4. I will assist you in making a proper document to make your claim genuine as
a bonafide beneficiary to the said fund.

I am aware that some fraudulent individuals have been impersonating my
name and office to contact you and other contractors as reported by the Bank
of Ghana authorities. I advise you that henceforth, you should suspend any
dealings from any group of person(s) either from the BOG or any other
financial institution/parastatals in Ghana or overseas that might be contacting
you in this purpose and endeavour to keep this information confidential until
we finalize this transaction. Also on no account must you contact your
partner any more, this is for my own safety and for the security of the fund.
Because they will not stop at any length to getting this fund. And on
no account must you let them know of my contact with you.

I am waiting for your response as soon as you receive this mail. God
bless you.

Yours faithfully,

Dr. Paul Acquah
Governor, Bank of Ghana
Accra, Ghana 

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