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4145. $25 Cash Gifting
Subject: You Can Leverage $25 into $75,000 in 5 Weeks!


Yesterday alone I received 12 payments of $5 each! $70!

Maybe you think that is no big deal...but considering the fact there is a one time investment of only $25 and I have spent a total of one hour getting this set up I think it is fantastic!

All you need is $25 and to invite others (via email) to join. It is REAL and it WORKS!

By the way...the day before I received 10 payments and today I have already received 2!!!

I feel like I need to really tell people about this because it can really help a lot of people! You might think "Yeah right, you just want to help yourself!" But the truth is that I believe you have to help others succeed in order for you to succeed.

So, I invite you to take the complete tour and really check it out! Chances are you will BLOW more than $25 today on something!!! In my opinion (and that of my friends who has also joined) it is worth the $25 jus to click on your inbox and see the payments!!

Have fun and make money!

Thomas Bundschuh

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PO Box 7334 - 102112
San Francisco
CA, 94120-7334
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