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4168. Free Lotto Promoton

Dear winner,
We happily announce to you that your email address attach to
ticket number 0015-WRTV02M make you among the 18 lucky winner 
of the free lottery promotion held on the 25TH of AUGUST in
LONDON.Which was selected randomly by word wide web site with
the help of computer extracting draw machine.
Which subsequently won you the lottery in the 2nd category.
You have therefore being approve to claim the sum of
500,000,00 GBP (five hundred thousand British Pounds)
you are to contact the claim for your winning

Mrs.serena fabregas   claims agent.
contact the claims agent with the following:
Ticket Number 0015-WRTV02M
Ref: CLUK/475061725
Batch: 7056490902/188
Serial Number: 7917/06
1. Full Names: 2. Address: 3. Age: 4. Sex:
5. Marital Status: 6. Occupation: 7. Phone numbers:
8. Fax number: 9. Country:

Congratulation onceagain,
Paul mogan (online co-ordinator)

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