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4218. UK National Lottery

UK National Lottery International
Affiliate of International Lottery organization.
Registered office address:
The Old Doctor Butler's Building,
2 Mason's Avenue, London EC2V 5BT England
Tel: +447024043917 Fax: +447092842701

Ticket number: {GA44 Y66HB-5855 B4} We happily announce you the draw of UK National Lottery International program held on 1st September 2008 in London UK, which your e-mail address attached to ticketnumber: {GA44 Y66HB-5855 B4} subsequently won you the lottery in 2nd category winners.

You have been therefore approved to claim the total sum of Two million, five hundred thousand United States Dollars (US$2,500,000.00) only.All participants were selected randomly from world wide web-site, through computer draw system, extracted from over (80,000.00) individuals and companies as promotion takes place only for this season before play coupon begins.Note,amount won is from total cash prize of twenty five million u.s dollars(US$25.M) only, organized by UK National Lottery International, shared among the first ten lucky winners in this year coupon draw, which your lucky winning number falls within our United Kingdom booklet representative office in London as indicated in your play coupon.
For your claim, contact your fiduciary claim agent Mr. Paul Paller via Email: with below required details.
Full name: -Full contact address: -Telephone No.: -Fax No: -Sex: -Age: -Ticket No.: -Contact your claim agent directly:

Helen M. Coleman.
UK National Lottery International - {zonal coordinator}

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