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4220. Mrs.Tammy Stone
Subject: ********GAINS PARTTIME JOB FOR YOU********


I want to know if you would like to work online from home and get paid without
affecting your present job?
 Our Human Resources department got your contact from the Internet
directory.Actually i need a representative/Online Bookeeper who can be working
for Gainsborough,You dont have to be a book keeper to apply for this parttime

      Gainsborough deal on furntures.Its always too expensive and stressful for
me to come down and receive payments twice in a Week so i therefore decided to
contact you,i am willing to pay you 10% for every payment received by you from
our clients who makes payment through you.
       The main reason why the funds cannot be cashed down here is that it
would take 20-24 days for a US
  money order/check to pass through the bank here and that would tie down my
capital and not make business move fast as i expected,We lose about 90,000 USD
of net income each month because we have money transfer delays.

 Extra Income:
 $50 weekly for allowance apart from your 10% agreed income.

  Tracy J. Adams,NY - $14,159.00
  Brian L. Jones,VA - $13,066.00
  John Johnston,IL$12,811.00
  Jenny Mc Kinney , CA - $10,980.00
  Rose Likes,NY - $10,121.00

you are required and mandated to receive payment on behalf of the above
mentioned firm.
You are to deduct 10% of all funds processed on a particular order and forward
the balance payment via
 Western Union Money Transfer to any of Gainsborough Groupregional warehouses
that will be given to you
later,all transfer charges would be deducted from the balance after deduction
of your 10% wage.

 18 years or older legally capable responsible ready to work .with knowledge
 e-mail and internet experience (minimal) And
 We are glad to offer this job position to you please know that Everything
  is absolutely legal, that?s why You have to fill a contract!
 E- mail me Your Application form to my private email so i could send you back
confirmation letter of your parttime Job Position,We are glad to offer you a
job position.
let get started by you filling your application form :

Full Name (First, Middle, Last):  
Home address:  
Full Address:street,City,State,Zip code. (NO P.O.BOX ADDRESSES
Home phone #:
Cell Phone # :
Contact email address :
Present Job:
 Martial Status:

 Are you familiar with/ Western Union payment systems? : Yes /No

 Employment desired (Full-time only / Part-time only / Full- or
Part-time)Full time
 Have you Engage in any Online /Job/ Offer Before: Yes /No
 Your comments and questions:

 Gainsborough Furniture
Registered in England 1503406
 Canal Road, Trowbridge, Wiltshire BA14 8RQ
 VAT Reg No. 137 6009 75
 Part of the Airsprung Furniture Group PLC

  (Reg No: 2008/012678/02)
 No Experience is needed to join our Team.

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