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4245. GM Chambers

GM Chambers
London, WC2s 8cJ.
DX: 40 London.
I am Gilbert MacEntee Esq. a solicitor with the GM CHAMBERS and
personallawyer to our late client Ahmad Saad Khader Abdul-Hafez who was the
chairman of Khader A. Abdul-Hafez Holding Co in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.
Ahmad Saad Khader Abdul-Hafez had been closely involved in traditional
family business of pearl diving in Bahrain and a well known
Philanthropist, before he died, made a Will in our law firm GM
CHAMBERS stating that $8.2Miilion USD (only) should be donated to any charity
homeof our choice overseas.
We have made an electronic random draw and your name and e-mail
addresswas picked to assist us disburse these funds accordingly. This implies
that you will stand as the beneficiary to this Will so that the funds
could be processed and transferred to your account.
I am particularly interested in securing this money from the Bank, because they have
issueda notice instructing us to produce the beneficiary of this Will as
soon aspossible or else the money will be credited to the Government
treasury. It is my utmost desire to execute the Will of our late client.
You are required to contact me immediately to start the process of
transferringthis money to any of your designated Account. I urge you 
to contact  me onthe telephone number below or simply reach me on this email for
furtherdetails bearing in mind that the Bank has given us a date limit.
You are advised to act fast! Congratulations and I hope we could work together
as a team to execute this transaction successfully. Looking forward to hearing
from you.
Yours faithfully,
Gilbert MacEntee.
Mobile Phone:+44 70457 22680 (24Hours)

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