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4252. Samuel McMullen
Subject: Work at home

I represent a
company  seeking for part-time financial contractors. I will describe
the offer in a few words below:
Our  company  =SoftLineCo=  is  a team of  professionals working
together from 1998.
We  have  got  extensive  experience in developing a wide range of
applications  from  simple  desktop  programs  to  complex  corporate
systems,designing web-sites, portals and creating/supporting internet
commerce solutions.
- basic knowledge of computer (email),
- free time (approx 1 hour per day, non-business hours),
- good communication skills
To  be  our representative on the full-time/part-time basis,either
one  of  the following options is required :
- bank account to withdraw/receive funds,
We are an international trading company.Our main office is located
in Kiev, Ukraine.  The  policy of our business is similar to a multi-
level telemarketing  company,  except for our correspondence managers
do not sell anything, they are in charge of delivering  the financial
communication from our customers to our company main office.
Money  turnover of our company already reached the certain heights
and we are in search of regional managers, who are willing to  manage
our customers database.
Salary  schedule  is  contract-based,  our  employee  will receive
payments  based  on  their  work load. Usually it is about $45,000/30,000 EUR
 per year, tax applied. This is a part-time job, our contract worker needs
to prove his ability to manage correspondence in order to qualify for
higher rates and full-time job status.
Our  regional employees have good perspectives of increasing their
work-load and salary, depending on their efforts.
We  need 4 representatives in UK, Poland and Europe so please respond
fast if you would like to start immediately.
Please contact  me for more information via e-mail:
and send us the following information about yourself:
1. Your Full Name as it appears on your resume.
2. Education. 
3. Your Contact Address.
4. Telephone/Fax number.
5. Your present Occupation and Position currently held.
6. Your Age.
Piotr Tretiakov
Team manager
SoftLine Company

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