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4253. Laptops Online Customer Services
Subject: Your Laptop order has been accepted.

Order Received   |   Order Confirmed   |   Payment Authorised   |    Goods Despatched

Dear Customer,

Many thanks for your order. Your paymenthas been approved and your order has been accepted!
Manufacturer Item Quantity Cost (ex VAT) Cost (in VAT)
Any weekday. 3-4 days. UK mainland. 1 £8.47 £9.95
Laptops Online FREE 1 week 24/7 Tech Support. CALL 07099800149. Consumers only, not Companies 1 £0 £0
Sony NR31JS - T2390, 15.4 WXGA/EEBR, 2048MB(1024*2/667, 250GB(5400), NB8M-GT(128), Supermulti DL, VHP 1 £425.51 £499.97
surcharge:0.95% 1 £4.16 £4.89
      Total £514.82

Throughoutthe despatch process, we will keep you informed of your orders progressby e-mail, voicemail and, where appropriate, by SMS. Please checkregularly for messages. In some cases there may be a delay inprocessing your order.

If you want to add an additional item to your order, you can do so any time before despatch by calling 07099800149.

Please donot reply to thisemail as your response will not be received.

Ifyou need to get in touch with us at any time please call our UK office on (+44) 07099800149
Once again, we appreciate your order and hope that we exceed your expectations.


Laptops Online Customer Services
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