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4264. Dr Hamilton Shaw

Ningbo Aole Electrical Company Ltd,
UK Office :Embark Lane 23, London. United Kingdom
Contact Person : Dr Hamilton Shaw
Phone : (+44)- 704-574-6511
                   POLICY AGREEMENT LETTER.

Dear Armitage Goosebump.

Now that we are in receipt of your details, we like to inform you that your details has clearly shown that you are the certified winner that we have produced and on that note again we say congratulations to you and your entire household.

Your claims will be a step-by-step approach and all you need do is follow instructions as they come. Without much introductions i am Dr, Hamilton Shaw and i am thea European zonal co-ordinator and agent of Ningbo Aole Elect company here in the United kingdom and i will be in charge of your claims processing.

Firstly i will give you the full guideline as subject to how we will finalize your claims processing. You have won two prizes from us. A cash prize of $485,000 and A brand new Bmw X5 car.

first prize to be received by you will be the cash prize. To do this you will have to operate a secured bank account from here in the united kingdom. Traditionally, all winners cash prizes has already been secured in a bank coded transfer. Once everything is set you will be given instructions on how to register the bank account online that will fit this purpose for you. During registration of the bank account you will need to enter the transfer code that we will supply to you and with it your account will be credited with $485,000. You alone should have access and password to your online bank account.

The second prize to be claimed is your newly acquired BMW X5 car and this will be shipped to you from Barrow Sea Cadets here in the united kingdom after your cash prize has reached you in your country. With all documentations fully parceled to you. NOTE-- That our company logo is already painted on the car and we expected it to last for 6months.This is a legal agreement between us and winners and we hope you don't default that.

You will be responsible for charges and requirements associated with your claims when it comes to car shipment with you country's local custom duty or with your bank in your country if at any point the need arises. This is prior to the fact that our company has already budgeted money for this promotions and there is no extra left for minor cases.

:::::NEXT STEP:::::
Simply fill this form in your reply to us. This should be done immediately,
i......(enter your name)........... of ....(your address)..... hereby confirm that i have been awarded this prize money on the basis that i be of good conduct and also help promote this company(Ningbo Aole Electrical ) with their logo advert for a minimum period of 6months.This agreement i made this day.....(date)..... without any form of pressure and fully conscious of its content and meaning. Also i agree that no part of this prize given to me shall be used to sponsor any form of social, economic injustice and violence like drugs and terrorism. ___________________________________________________________
You are to submit this Agreement as soon as possible before you can be given details on how to complete your $485,000 fund transfer.

Dr. Hamilton Shaw.

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