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4308. Department of Treasury, London
Subject: Department of Treasury, London

Attention; Beneficiary

The fund amounting to US$ 3.5 Million Part Payment including Interest Amount Accrued to the Fund has been in your name in our payment file which has been verified and it is currently awaiting release to you as soon as you respond with the required details. The United States Government in conjunction with the European Union (EU) and British Government have directed that all outstanding, Unpaid and Unclaimed Inheritance Funds, Contract Funds, Lottery Funds and Deposits Funds be processed and paid to their respective beneficiaries as a means of injecting fund into the economy to boost the current economic situation in the World. This is the reason why you are contacted hence your name is in the list of beneficiaries who are yet to receive their fund. These unclaimed funds are as a result of Unclaimed Inheritance Fund, Unclaimed Lottery Funds, Unclaimed Contract Funds and Unclaimed Deposit Funds trapped in Banks, Security Companies and other Financial Institutions. We are therefore directed by the United States

To enable us process and release this funds to you hence your name and email is on the payment list, you are required to Forward to us through this,

Your full names
Your Contact address
Your telephone numbers
Your sex
Your age
Your occupation.

This is to enable us correspond your details with the details we have in the payment files because the above details are all intact in the payment file. This is to avoid contacting wrong or unauthorized person and also to avoid releasing or paying this fund out to wrong person or unauthorized person.

Let us know if at any time you were processing to receive any of the following funds; An Inheritance Fund, A Contract Payment Fund, A Lottery/Lotto Payment Fund or A Direct Deposit Fund. If you have "not" been processing to receive any fund or if you have "no" idea where this fund is coming from, kindly inform us accordingly. This will enable us make proper payment plan/arrangement to assist hence the fund is registered in your name in the payment file as the Beneficiary/Receiver of the said fund.

These are the payment options available. Choose which payment option you prefer to receive the fund;
1. Payment Via Master Card Prepaid Cash Card
2. Visa Card Prepaid Cash Card
3. Payment Via Certified Bank Draft
4. Payment Via Certified Cashier Check
5. Payment Via Certified Money Order
6. Cash Payment via our Off-Shore Payment Officials {This cash payment is made to you at your designated contact address by our team of Off-Shore Financial Agents}

Your URGENT response is required to enable us effectively conclude the processing of this fund payment to you as the receiver/beneficiary of the said fund.

Yours in service,

Dr. Morris Massay
Foreign Operations Director
Fund Release & Payment Unit
Department of Treasury, London.

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