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4309. Clementius Dina
Subject: work in the financial company

This letter contains an offer of the distant job. Main requirements: - Age from 18 to 60 years - Basic computer - UK citizenship or UK permanent residency - Mobile connection - The account in any bank - Accuracy, responsibility and making tasks in a short space of time - 1-2 hours of free time during working day - Desired Education Level: High School or Equivalent --- The description of the job: Our firm has been already working for 4 years in the Net market of transactions, we have worked out our own scheme of financial transactions for the third World, for all less economically developed countries and we involve employees from well-to-do countries like United Kingdom. You can work at constant job or be unemployed, but you should always have an opportunity to visit the bank, the Western Union office, the office of our company in Ottawa, Canada. You don't need to have any kind of financial education or experience. Pass the registration on our web-site, after checking your information your personal manager will connect you. He will define the work specificity just for you in your region. If you're interested in our offer you should reply at this email and link for regestration will be sent to you. If you're interested in please contact with us using this email address: --- About us: XOOM Global Money Transfer was organized by the european millionaire Roman Abramovich, who used to be the first in making the public statement that the financial market brings the killing profit in less economically developed countries and there is no point to underestimate them. The system of urgent transactions has been working from 2004; for all that time there was made more than 4 million transactions. Our business is absolutely legal according to all international laws. --- Info: Dear ladies and gentlemen, we are sincerely sorry if our advertisement letter has come to you without the inquiry in the form of spam. Unfortunately, not all promotion companies use the legal advertisement, therefore we also suffer.

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