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4534. Helene Kouame
Subject: Please read carefully and reply me back.

From Helene Kouame.
Address::171 St Joseph Avenue Abidjan,
Cote D'Ivoire.
Greeting to you dear One,

I am writing to let you know that mysteries has gone in my life. In the western part of Africa is where I meet a hell in my life. On the 29th September 2004 later in the night the murderers came without a pity without a mercy they killed my father in front of me.

My father was a wealthy cocoa merchant here in my country. The trouble began early 2004, when my father's associates started suspecting that my father was not giving proper accounts of all the tons of cocoa being cultivated by local farmers in some villages.

This mistrust deepens between Jul-Aug 2004 when they discovered a very big some of money my father deposited with a security company here in ABIDJAN-COTE D'IVOIRE . As a result of this discovery and the heaviness of the money, he was killed by his associates.

But before this, he revealed to me the reasons why of him being hated. He directed me where to get the documents of the said deposit; he told me that he enrolled my name as his next of kin/beneficiary for the deposit, being the only child. He advised me that I should not stay in the country because of his enemies might equally kill me to reap all his wealth hence, And my mother died on a motor accident on her way going to work in the morning and lost too much blood, Before she could get to hospital she died because she couldn't make it. As my late father told me and said that I was still 5years old temples consider my pains to help me out in my predicaments. My father before he died, He instructed me that if he dies, that I should wait till I get married or look for a foreign partner who will help me to move the money abroad and the person will help me to invest the money in his or her country.

My father finally died on 29th of September, 2004 and since then I was out of school and went into hiding place because of my father's associates. But all the relevant documents of the $9.5 (nine million five hundred thousand dollars) that was deposited in a security company are intact with me now.

My name is Helene Kouame, I am 21yrs old girl and a student. Please I would like you to assist me as urgent as you can before they kill me and made away with this money deposited with a Security Company. The death of my father actually brought sorrow to my life. I am in a sincere desire of your humble assistance in this regards. I therefore appeal to you to find somewhere in your heart to assist me dearly! I wish to invest under your care please. Your suggestions and ideas will be highly regarded.

Please get back to me immediately if you are interest. So to enable me send you all the necessary details as regards to the procedure of securing the consignment out from the security company and moving it to you immediately. Please is rest assured that you don't have anything to border you in this project, I am the one at risk. Thank you.

And I will been expecting your soonest reply as soon as you get through with this mail of progress.

I love you but God loves you most.

Thanks and best regards

yours Sincerely,
Helene Kouame.

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