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4593. Prize Supervisor
Subject: Jrxil, Petrosh: Please Do NOT Delete - Important Account Information

To ensure that you NEVER miss an important prize notification from FreeLotto, please add to your address book. WHY?
Dear Petrosh Jrxil,
You are receiving this message because you joined FreeLotto on Sunday November 2nd, 2008, from IP Address When you registered you agreed to receive messages from FreeLotto. FreeLotto NEVER sends JUNK or SPAM messages. We never send mail to anyone unless they requested it when they registered. If you somehow didn't understand that you were agreeing to receive messages from us at the time you joined PLEASE CLICK HERE TO BE PERMANENTLY REMOVED FROM OUR LIST. In doing so you will also cancel your FreeLotto membership and you will no longer be eligible to play FreeLotto or receive up to $11,000,000.00 in daily prizes. We regret any inconvenience.
Thank you,
FreeLotto Member Services

Office of the Prize Administration
(Rev. September 07)
A number of pending winners listed here may be qualified to receive a check in the amount specified by verifying their PIN # on the following F.A.S.T. form, in conjunction with submitting the winning entry in accordance with FreeLotto rules, terms and conditions. The convenient F.A.S.T. service (or the free online entry method) guarantees that a winning check in the amount of $1 Million will be released to its rightful winner upon said submission in conjunction with the rules.

Compare PIN # above -
if both match,
proceed to next step.

Raymond Simpson Temple Hills MD $10,000,000.00 PAID
Roger B. Lancaster OH $300.00 PENDING
Clifford Dunaway Mechanicsville VA $50,000.00 PAID
Petrosh Jrxil folkestone KEN $1,000,000.00 PENDING
Bridget Green Las Vegas NV $100,000.00 PAID
Wenyi Wang Heping District China $10,000.00 PAID
Ariel J. Las Vegas NV $10,000.00 PENDING
Thomas Hulsmann Parma OH $300.00 PAID
Petrosh Jrxil folkestone KEN $300.00 PENDING
Eric Prevost Calvados France $10,000,000.00 PAID
Bill Herriott Glasgow United Kingdom $1,000,000.00 PAID
Jessica Baker Meridian ID $10,000.00 PAID
Petrosh Jrxil folkestone KEN $10,000.00 PENDING
Here is the URL for PIN #150981275 Verification: (Click to claim - Form7082A)
cc: Petrosh Jrxil

Click here to claim - Form7082A

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FreeLotto Winning Draw Results for Monday November 10th, 2008

$1,000,000.00 Jackpot      10 23 35 42 47 09
Win a Car                  01 22 33 39 41 09
Pay Off Your Mortgage      10 13 19 24 34 45
$10,000.00 FastCASH        11 14 19 31 05 07
$100,000.00 Giveaway       10 13 02 29 40 46
$10,000,000.00 SuperBucks  11 29 37 38 41 45 50

Your FreeBets for Monday November 10th, 2008

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Kevin J. Aronin
Chairman & CEO

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