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4617. Tabor Vlachko
Subject: Good day to you

Dear friend,

Good day to you,
I am Tabor Vlachko, 78yrs old from Russia , as I write this letter I am lying on the bed at a hospital here in Barcelona , Spain waiting to depart this world. I am a man diagnosed and suffering from chronic Cancer for the past 10yrs and now the doctor has told me that I have less than an hour to live, so I decided to connect to the internet through my laptop and write you this email.

First, I have a confession to make to you, I am one of the people that made millions and billions of Euros through oil bunkering in Russia and ran out of Russia and relocated to Spain were I have been leaving and battling this sickness, like I told you I now have less than an hour to leave and I can not just depart like that and allow my money to lie waist in the Finance House without any one to claim it and make good use of it. I do not have any much time and I have nobody to will the money to, and because of how I got it I have decided to disburse it to humanity. I lost my only child whom is suppose to be my next of kin and inherit my wealth and I have no one to transfer my money and properties to now. I donít know who you are, and I have never met you before, but my instinct told me to send you this email so that you can claim my money and properties and give some of them to charity organizations that you have to promise me.

At the time you will see and read this message I should be late, I want you to contact and forward this mail to my lawyer so that he can assist you in claiming the money and also help you sell off the properties in Hamburg Germany, in Basel Switzerland, Vienna Austria and in Madrid and Barcelona both here in Spain. First of all you have to claim the €22 Million Euros with the Hsbc Bank as soon as possible because since I was tied down seriously with this illness I have not been to that very account as the fund has been deposited since 2002.

Out of the €22 Million Euros, you have to give 10 million Euros to orphanage homes and charitable organizations, while you and my lawyer keep the balance of 12 million to yourselfs. It is your luck.

You have to contact my lawyer Antonio Flores on tel: 34 690 647 821 and email: , forward this letter to him for him to believe you, attend to you and also work with you to make all this claims. I am getting weak and can not write further, please contact Antonio once you get this email

I wish you men all the best of luck and be kind to people.

Yours Truly,

Tabor Vlachko

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