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4630. Fish
Subject: NEXT OF KIN

Good day to you, I am Fish. A Legal Consultant/Practitioner here in London ; previously I have sent this notification which you are yet to respond. It may interest you to know that my late client left a WILL behind were you are stated as one of the beneficiaries.

I am contacting you based on the recommendation from my late client's last WILL wherein your name was stated as a beneficiary to a bequest of the sum of US$9,500,000.00 (nine million five hundred thousand dollars only) lodged with Premier Finance & Fund Managers Limited, London - England as contained in the last testament of the testator.

My late client until his death was a former Managing Director of an Oil company in Saudi Arabia and later invested in poultry and rice farming here in the United Kingdom. He established himself as a wealthy farmer in Thailand where he exported rice and other poultry Produce. He was a very dedicated man and a great philanthropist during his life time. My late client died on the 14th May, 2007 at the age of 84yrs. and was buried on the 21st of May, 2007.

He was a British who lived in Saudi Arabia all through his active years but later moved down to London due to long-term illness where he died. He was married but without a child, he lost his wife in 1992 due to breast cancer. In his last words as stated in his last testament that "it is my desire to see that the poor and less privileged are given assistance by any means and the limit this token could go, especially in Asia, Africa and South America having seen it all myself" He therefore advised that this amount be" invested and then part of the proceeds be used in the work of Charity" Please note that this claim will be processed here in London under Her Majesty's court to get a Grant of Probate to enable you lay legitimate claim of the funds from Premier Finance & Fund Managers Limited.

For this reason, I will be going to the probate registry division of Her Majesty's court to obtain the probate forms for the processing of the Grant of Probate for the claims. You are therefore required to furnish me with the following: This will be contained in the probate application letter and probate forms with the copies of my late client's last WILL to be submitted at the Probate Registry for the processing of your inheritance claims. It is a matter of urgency that you contact me upon receipt of this message on this phone number: +44 704-577-5962 to have your consent to enable me process your claims at the Probate Registry here in United Kingdom.

I await your prompt response.

Yours in service!
Mr. Lawrence Fish
WDS Associates & Co Ltd 255
Two Mile Hill Road Kingswood City : Bristol ,
BS15 1AY United Kingdom
Company No. 05398796
Tel: +44 704-577-5962
Fax: +44 709- 284 -0444

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