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4643. James Morrison
Subject: Investment Proposal.

Sender: James Morrison
Tel: +44 7031820557
Fax: +44 8700687911

Dear Friend,

I am an Auditor and I represent a former C.E.O. of an Oil Servicing Company here in London, United Kingdom who was a Norwegian. I seek your partnership in transferring US$14.5 million he kept in a bank since he is deceased and do not have any record of the next of kin to the funds. You will be compensated with 25% OR $3.265 Million for your assistance to actualize this.

Please, if you are interested, write back and provide me with your telephone and fax numbers, so that I will provide further details and instructions.

If however, you find it not worthwhile, do not bother to write back as it may j eopardize the confidentiality attached to this transaction.

Finally, note that this must be concluded as soon as possible.

I look forward to your reply.


James Morrison.

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