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4732. Adeosun Adeniyi

        We are a reputable international recruitment agency owned by a consortium of highly 
influential American human resources managers  with contracts fr! om international Oil and Gas 
companies, telecommunication companies and various multinational companies around the 
        We are committed to recruiting dynamic and intelligent applicants with interpersonal and 
creative skills from Developed Countries' Universities to work and earn a living  anywhere in the 
wo! rld incl uding Africa and the Middle-East, Europe, Asia and North & South America where 
there is shortage in intellectual manpower and human resources.There exists over 6,000 job 
vacancies! in our direc! tory, li ke the following references outlined hereunder. 
Ref no:MIR/001
      Our client, a multinational Oil company urgently requires the services of qualified University 
graduates to fill up vacant positions [technical and non-technical staffs] in our new branches 
located in the Oil-rich  regions of Africa and the Middle-east.

Ref no:MIR/002
     Our client is an  American mobile telecommunication company pi! oneering  its services in 
Africa with the CDMA & 3.5G  latest technologies in South Africa,Egypt,Ghana,Nigeria and 
Tunisia. Urgently required are the services of University graduates as staffs and marketers in all 
the countries mentioned above. 
Ref no:MIR/003
     Our client, an American software company is pioneering its production and marketing  
services in Africa and the Middle-east  by opening regional offices in South Africa,Nigeria and 
Dubai Emirates. In view of this ,we have been mandated to recruite result-oriented University 
graduates as marketing representatives  in all the countries of our new region.      
 Ref no:MIR/004
       Our client,an international Air-line company is recruiting fresh graduates to fill up various 
vacant positions in all our branches located all over the world.  
  Ref no:MIR/005  
        Our clients, foreign embassies of different countries all around the world are looking for 
young graduates who could be good ambassadors of their coutry in other countries of the world 
as staffs.
 Ref no:MIR/006
        We also recruit for all official arms of the United Nations like the UNESCO, 
       Interested and suitably qualified applicants should reply to this mail  urgently so as to be 
forwarded the address link to our website for more details and online application.   
                                                                                        Niyi Thames

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