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4764. Microsoft Corporation
Subject: Are you Aware: Microsoft Funds.


Do contact the Details below for further Clarifications and to Receive your award 5.5 Million British Pounds provided to you in a Personality Test Program held to Honor our Customers. Your funds was attached to REF NO: M154S/WL04, CHIP NUMBER: 9465021, BATCH NO: MIC006. To receive your funds, email the details below to the Director below:

Ref No: M154S/WL04,
Chip No: 9465021,
Batch No: MIC006.
Full Names:
Telephone/Fax Numbers:

Microsoft International Promotion
Maxim Gerald
Director Microsoft Promotion Team.
Contact:  (
Tel: 00944 704 572 0497

Microsoft Promotion Team
Copyright  1991-2009

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