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4797. Ado John
Subject: GOOD DAY

Hello Dear, I write to introduce myself to you. I am John Ado Asare, a Ghanaian
Origin. I Work in Gold Company in Accra-Ghana that is licensed or affiliated to
Precious Mineral Mining Company in Ghana [PMMC] a Company that deals on Gold
Dust and Gold Bars. I wish to establish a business Relationship with you that
will be basically on trust.The Company sales itís Product Gold Dust and
Formulated or Converted gold dust to gold bars to major Gold dealers and
commissioned agents with a minimum of 400 kilogram of 22 Carat alluvial gold
dust or Gold Bars. See the following links:

Please be informed that you can help negotiate as a commissioned agent and get 20% of any purchase and our prices are 10% less than International Market Price. Following the global economic recession, wise investors now target large scale investment in Gold instead of unstable stock trading. Please contact me for more informa tion on this issue. Regards, Ado Asare.Contact email address

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