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4812. Mrs. Ronda Stanley

                      Fidelity Bank of 
                                                 4719 Liberty Ave. Pittsburgh
                            Urgent Notification of your Bank Draft for usd$550,000

Attention: - Beneficiary,

Welcome to Fidelity Bank of Pennsylvania, 4719 Liberty Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15224.

Be informed beneficiary that you have a bank draft for usd$550,000 in our Fidelity bank of Pennsylvania issued on your behalf. You are hereby advised to contact the Admin Manager, Peter Cashly for more details regarding your bank draft for usd$550,000.

Please in responding to this message you are to confirm the following information to this office as soon as possible for immediate verification of the information attached to this bank draft payment for usd$550,000. If you are interested to come in person, you are most welcome.

1)        Your Full name:
2)        Your  Contact Address:
3)        Your Contact Phone number:
4)        Your Sex:
5)        Nationality:
6)        State of Origin

We will be able to ascertain if your information is correct or not with the information we have on our desk Please this office advice you to follow instructions as stated to enable a smooth transaction between us the both parties. What you don't understand ask questions.

Finally we are using this opportunity to inform that this office contacted you because we saw that your name was attached with the information sent with the bank draft. This office understood that a lot of (SCAM/FRUADULENT ACT) is going on the internet and people don't believe message from the internet. Be rest assured your bank draft payment would be done under a legitimate and legal banking procedure.

This office urgently awaits your immediately responce to enable us proceed the necessary banking procedures immediately.

Yours Sincerely,
Ronda Stanley,
Assistant Admin Manager.

Please Note
If there is change in your location or change of name, please do notify this office immediately.

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