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4815. STMicrolectronics UK LTD
Subject: Job Postings In Your Region

STMicrolectronics UK LTD
238 Broomhill Road Brislington
Bristol BS4 5RG,
United Kingdom.

Dear E-mail Owner,
A Free part time work from home and get paid without affecting your current
job.This company is basically supplying Computer Assesories is used so  
be aware
that taking up the job you are also adding your little effort towards the
advancement of cumputer in the world.You will make nothing less than $3,000
monthly. All we want you to do is just for you to receive from our
clients who based in Usa and Canada to process  their payment.

Why we needed a representative is because of our increase rate of  
customers out
there and here in UK we cannot process payment from both country at a  
also that you will not spend anything to secure a place in the company  
in other
word you are not paying any dime and also payment are sent via WIRE  
specific accounts according to company Indicate your
interest and send the below information below

Contact Address:
Current Occupation:
Fax/Tel No:

Reply Strictly on Email- {} To get started

Best Regard,
Robert Smith
(Recruit manager)
STMicrolectronics UK LTD

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