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4822. Mr James Tolbert


With sincere heart and genuine intention I am writing you this message which I
believe will be of mutual benefit for the future of your family and my late
family in life to come. We have not met. I got your contact from a directory in
search for a reliable personality that could understand my situation to help me
Please pardon me if my request does not fit your schedule this weekend But
consider my mail as very important and do let me know your honest Response
within the shortest time possible obviously.I have been trying to reach you as
my earlier mails were returned undelivered. I hereby attempt to reach you again
by this same email address due to a favor which I need from you.

I will start by introducing myself to you. I am james tolbert male 24yrs with
my kid sister of 4yrs, a Liberia citizen is painful that i lost my only sister
here in the refugee camp because of malaria that effected her. Presently,i am
residing in the refugee camp here in Ghana. Due to crisis in my country coupled
with the assassination of our my late parent who was killed by the former
PRESIDENT CHARLES TAYLOR,Due to some misunderstanding betwen both parties
regard the daimond and gold importation which CHARLES TAYLOR was into illegal.

Our father Mr THOMAS TOLBERT due to his stand over these issues fell out with
the ruling party of former PRESIDENT CHARLES TAYLOR.That is why i  had to flee
from my country to find refuge here in Ghana with my late kid sister. Before
the death of our father he was a major dealer of Diamond and Merchandise. He
secretly moved these funds acquired from various sales in a trunk-box and it
deposited it in a security company in Spain But at the time our late father
deposited this funds he told the security company that it is family valuables
that are contained in the box. The total amount contained in the box is $12.7M
USD with some Kilogram of Gold dust. Which am only disclosing to you alone and
I want you to keep it highly confidential. I have all documents with me here in
the camp but have to hand them over to the barrister who was present when our
late father made the deposit because its not safe for me keeping those docment
with me here in he camp .Please on behalf of my late 
arent and my only kid sister i need a trust worthy and experience person like
you that will help me to receive this funds and invest this money in profitable
business and take me as one family and will also buy a house for me over there
in your country where we can live safely.I am ready to part 25% for your
assistance and concern for me and 5% we be set-aside for any Necessary
exspenive that we come up in process of receiving these funds because i was
told by the firm that as soon as i get someone that is willing to help me that
a diplomat will be assign to bring the box over to your country.

Please i want your help, understand that i really need your help.I want you to
find a place in your heart to help me get this funds out so i can get a better
future.Kindly send me your,

Personal Mobile Number.
Home Telephone.
Office Telephone.
Marital status.
Current home address

This information is needed because the firm will ask so that the barrister for
the firm to know where the funds is going, Once i get your response with this
information, then i will present it to the barrister soonest,

Best Regards, 
James Tolbert.

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