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4854. Samurai Press & PR Ltd
Subject: Job Proposal (Read Carefully)

Samurai Press And Public Relations,
Office of Employment Director,
26 Ratcliffe Lane Sheepy Magna Nr,
Atherstone Warks CV9 3QY .
Tel: 01827 722333
Fax: 01827 722333
Good Day,
This is to inform you that we have offered you a part time job position
in our satellite representative department as our regional manager,
following our job search procedure; you were short listed in the initial
email listing in our job search directory.
Being a specialist agency means that we possess the high level of knowledge and 
understanding that technology companies need in order to succeed.
We believe that establishing good relations with our clients is the first step for us in 
building them an excellent reputation.
“Since we began using Samurai, we have been impressed by their grasp of the 
essentials of our business and by their ability to deliver relevant media coverage.”
We have a proven track record of getting our clients' names where they want to be seen.
For us it's not just about getting their pictures in the local press, it's about putting
their message across in the journals, periodicals and web sites which their future clients 
are reading.
Due to the world's globalizing with the introduction of electronic
payments, most of
these international clients/affiliates and Small business organizations that
are registered under us are always offering to pay for our services with
International Money Orders, Money Orders and Checks but we pass through difficulties 
cashing these
payments because foreign checks take up to 21 to 28 working days to clear. As this
network is expanding with the demand for more regional branches, you are employed as 
our regional manager and you shall be the middle-man between us and these
clients/affiliates and Small business organizations near you.
Proposed worker must be reliable, well-motivated and well-executive, 18 years
and above;
must have access to internet, phone number. Must spend one hour on the internet
to check
and reply emails everyday. Must have ability to record every transaction
processed in case of emergency.
The job requires a flexible schedule shift that would not affect your present
state of work. Your salary is based on commission for the first Month and there
after you will be entittle to a full salary of $400 per week which is $1,600
per Month with some allowances that will be made know to you later base on your
ability to handle the job perfectly. You are to choose how you want your salary
(Monthly/Weekly). Your commission will be ten percent (10%) of every transaction
you process on our behalf which is not part of your salary. This implies that
every $5000 you process, you stand to gain $500. You will deduct your $500 with
any extra cost of sending the money to the company before sending the rest of
the money to the company. Once you receive any payment, you will notify us. All
payment should be wired to the company via Western Union Money Transfer, Money
Gram or wire transfer (depending the amount of money processed) as you will be
instructed. Does it sound like your dream job? Well, it certainly is for over
10,000 current members who are making $500-$2,000 weekly with this online
If you are interested in starting the job, please get back to the employment
director with the following details:
Full Name:
Street address:
Zip code:
Phone #:
Job Experience (If any):
Best Regards
Miss Jennifer Moore
Employment Director
© Samurai Press & PR Ltd 2005

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