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4864. Adams Woolrych
To: Nathan Smithvail <> Subject: YOUR BARCLAYS BANK ACCOUNT($500,000.00) DETAILS!!!

PHONE NUMBER: +44 704 570 5216
                                           +44 703 597 1174
FAX NUMBER:        +44 870 495 4922
Attn: Nathan Smithvail,
Thank you for contacting the Barclays Bank PLC. Please be informed that your funds deposited here at our Bank has cleared and we hereby officially notify you that the funds are fully available under the above name. Please find below the details/summary of your Account with us. Also find included in the summary, your ACCOUNT NUMBER AND PIN NUMBER to enable you login to your Account and transfer your funds to your PERSONAL ACCOUNT:

Pin Number: 1040
Account Number:  4253887130
Account Holder:  Nathan Smithvail
Holder's Address:  United Kingdom
Account Type:  Premium
SID Serial:  00101835423216
Currency:  $
Opening Balance:  $500,000.00
Date Deposited:  02/02/2009
To Log on to our website to carry out this transaction click the link below to Access your Account:
Click on the login icon next to the Online bank on the login page, a new page pops - up. Once the page fully loads, Click on Customer Login to access your Account. Once you have been able to access your Account, you can then transfer immediately to any designated Account of your choice.
Please note that you would be required to transfer your funds immediately by yourself upon receipt of this message.
While thanking you for banking with us, we hope you find this in order.
Adams Woolrych.

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