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4865. Guy-Patrice Lumumba
Subject: Anticipating Your Response

Hello, My name is Guy-Patrice Lumumba, the son of the late Prime Minister Patrice Emery Lumumba of the Republic of Congo, and I am here in Ghana for political asylum to my life so that I do not fool of political victims of the same way my late father was killed. I need your support to a foreign partner to my funds invest, because I was not opportuned to get to my desired position in my country. Any way to get information, which leads to the withdrawal of funds in question, I decided to increase funding for the ship Florida, USA, on the return of your e-mail, I will forward to you the documentation on the programs and the appropriate contact information of the shipper in the U.S. since my passport was seized by the Congolese National Security Council, and I can not be outside Africa, but I can delegate my family as a foreign partner to transfer the funds on my behalf. On the return from your e-mail, I would you the shipping operations manager the same man who always supported me, which broadcasts from Ghana, although the company did not know the true contents of the boxes, because I registered the consignment as a personal effect . Remember, the transaction remains confidential. The contents of the boxes is $ 60million each, and the two boxes is $ 120 million U.S. dollars, please enter your preferred percentage as you look at the programs and help me to invest in a profitable company especially now that most of the countries in the world are in financial crisis. We buy houses sell, which later be profitable, please advise. As the next of kin of the family, I make sure to invest wisely for the ownership of the family Lumumba because I am the legal next of kin of the family. You can access this site for more information about my late father:

I'll be glad to hear from you. God bless you, Guy-Patrice Lumumba

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