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4875. Michael Vincent
Subject: I found you a new job

 Michael Vincent here, and yes I wanted to let you in on      
 a very special money making secret of mine.     
 First of all, I used to work a very bad paying job and I     
 could hardly pay my bills.  I was feeling really sad and down.     
 It was at this point where I was looking for any way possible     
 to make money.  Luckily, a guy named Jason came to my call.     
 Jason was already rich with a huge mansion and tennis court.     
 I asked him if what he did to make money was legal.     
 Jason excitingly answered yes, and if I can make money then     
 you can too.   Jason didn?t feel bad for me, he doesn?t like handouts.     
 Jason taught me how to not only how to make money but how     
 to make life more relaxing by working smarter instead of harder.     
 I asked Jason to help me create a website that would help others     
 in the same type of situation make money.     
 Below I would like you to check it out.         
 Your Friend In Success,     
 Michael Vincent.     
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