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4886. Rose Textiles

Surcon House
Copson Street
Manchester M20 3HE
United Kingdom

Dear Prospective staff,

We have noted your reply to the job offer notification mail from our office as our 
Payment Area Manager in India.

Below are the briefs of the job Position:

1. The job position offer is not time intensive but a part time job.

2. You will only coordinate payments made in our favor and account to us. We shall 
notify you of any payment that is to be made to us and you shall collect the money for 
us either in cash (Depending on the location) or through your Bank account.

3. The Board members have slated that the monthly salary for this job position is $3000.00 USD 
and we shall commence salary payment 30days after you have started executing transactions for us.

4. The Bank recognized by our company is AXIS BANK (Formerly UTI BANK OF INDIA) and 
ABN AMRO BANK. We therefore recommend that to be part of this company, you MUST have 
one account each in Axis Bank and ABN AMRO Bank respectively . The same Accounts 
should be used to collect payments for us from our customers. Both Bank Accounts should 
have ATM Card of daily withdrawal limit 50,000 INR as per company policy to enable you 
withdraw our money conveniently without having to pass through the hassles of Bank protocols.

5. Payments made to your BANK accounts MUST be cashed and be remitted to us as we shall 
direct you on confirmation that a payment has been made into your account. For every payment 
received through your accounts, you are entitled to 5000 INR for your expenses/handling charge. 
This is not part of your salary; your full salary will be paid at the end of every month through any 
of the Bank Account you so desire.

6. The above conditions MUST be met if you are willing to pick up the position as our Indian Area 
manager. Note that all income taxes amounting from money paid to us through your account will 
be taken care of by our company at the end of every month.

7. For successful staff that has shown high level of efficiency in the discharge of their duties within 
1 year shall be transferred to our offices in United Kingdom or United States of America if so wish. 
This offer is strictly on merits and sponsorship is totally from our company.


If the conditions stated above are acceptable by you, therefore forward the following via email:

1. A scanned copy of any proof of your identity.

2. Your direct/mobile phone number

3. Complete mailing address where we shall be sending to you your appointment letter, our company’s 
identification card as our Indian Area Manager and the company’s catalogue.

4. Your Axis Bank and ABN AMRO Bank Accounts information (For Applicants who already have 
existing Accounts with the Banks)

5. Confirmation of readiness to open the 2 Accounts (For Applicants who do not have existing Accounts 
with the Bank)

I shall be waiting for your immediate reply.

Yours Faithfully
Mr. Anthony Dave,
Executive Director

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