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4946. Mr. Henry Chioma
Subject: Delivery Of Your Consignment

Central Bank of Nigeria
Fact finding & special duties office
Tinubu square, Lagos
Attn: Dear Friend,      

I am Dr Henry Chioma, a senior staff with the Central Bank of Nigeria
(CBN).Iam writing you this   letter because cool penny is better than
  millions of dollars in the air. it is  better for one  to  live  and   die a
poor  honest man than  a rich  dishonest one.I and the  chief   security
officer (cso)  of our  bank have arranged with an officer  in 
computer section Engineer Chuka   Iloh to bring  out   part of your  total 
contract  sum  amounting   to  USD$10 million.  

Why  we did this isbecause  according  to information   gathered   from the
bank's   computer,you   have  been  waiting  for  a  long  time  to receive  
your  money  without  success, as  I  found  out that   you   have  almost met
all the statutory  requirements  of the  cbn   in  respect of your contract  
payment, your problem is that of interest   groups, a lot  of  people  are 
interested in your payment and  those  people  are  merely doing  paper works 
with   you and that  explains  why you   receive  fax  and phone   messages  
from different people  in  Nigeria   everyday.  

Also   we  found  out  that  someof the  officials  of the  parastatals  have
been  extorting   a lot of money from you with the  pretext  of  helping  you
receive   your  money.The money  is in two  security-proof  boxes  weighing  
110 kg  each,  that is 220 kg  for the  two boxes, yesterday  we went  to four 
courier  companies  to make arrangements  on  how to ship them  by courier  to
you.  DHL, EMS, FEDEX,ISA all said   that they must open the boxes for
inspection because of the customs before shipment.. this is something  we want
to avoid because   the  boxes were  padded  with  machine, we told  the 
courier  company  that  the boxes  contains photographic  and  film materials  
and when   open will  loose 
its  efficacy, We did not declare money because couriers do not carry money.

Today  a friend  of  mine  who is a diplomat   disclosed  to  me that  there is
 courier  company  they  use to  send  diplomatic  materials  and information 
from one  country  to another. it  has  diplomatic  immunity   and their
consignments cannot  be  inspected  by any  customs  anywhere  in the  world. 
The name of the courier  service  is Dynamic express  diplomatic   courier 
service (DECS). I   will meet  them  as   soon as  I  have  your  go
ahead  order.  the diplomat will help me so we  do  not  have  any problem. we 
have  concluded that   you must compensate   us with  five  hundred  thousand 
united  states  dollars  (USD $500,000.00) as soon  as you  receive 
your  money. to  this  effect.

You  will send  us  a promissory  note for  five  hundred  thousand united 
states  dollar(USD $500,000.00)  along with your address  for sending
 the  boxes by courier. please  maintain topmost  secrecy as  it  may cause a
lot  of  problems if found out that  we  are  using  this  way to help you.Do
not  ever  tell  anybody  about this  until  you have  your money. i  want to 
help  you  because  something  in  me  is  telling me that  you are   anhonest 
person.  when  you  conclude  this and  you  send our  promise,  we will help 
to  ship  the  final  part  of  your  money  to  you. God be with us as we wait
for your reply.  

Please do not fail to call me.
Yours faithfully, 

Dr Henry Chioma
Fact-finding & special duties office
Central Bank of Nigeria 
Tel: +234 1 7626 661

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