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4948. European Central Bank
Subject: Re: Payment Solution on $20MUSD Outstanding""

Re: Payment Solution on $20MUSD Outstanding
Dear Beneficiary,
You have been mandated by the payment office of the International Monetary Fund
(IMF) to pay your outstanding payment for the year 2009.In this same
vein a nominated bank has been designated for the paymentto your designated
bank account via bank to bank electronic transfer in the exact value of Twenty
Million US dollars ($20mUSD), comprising of your long overdue
inheritance/contract payment plus accrued interest. 

Now we have been able to analyze the situation regarding your payment and
discovered gross irregularities and corruption unveiled from fraudulent bankers
who have connived with money laundering experts to frustrate your payment
efforts.Now a secured means of payment has been modulated after series of
analysis by World Bank experts on advance fee fraud schemes and high level
corruption. After cleverly reviewing the past delays in completing your 
payment, it was discovered that most of the banks are in league with money
laundering  experts and use your transactions to legitimatize their money
laundering schemes hereby  blocking your payment. 

To resolve this unpaid fund crisis a foremost bank in the name of Barclays Bank
has been  nominated to make the payment of Twenty Million US dollars
($20MUSD) to any designated bank account of your choice.To achieve
this you are required to acquire a Transfer Acquisition  Code (TAC)
from Barclays bank for the transfer of $20MUSD to commence immediately. The TAC
attracts an activation charge of ?250GBP/ $500 only to be payable by you the
beneficiary and upon acquisition of the required TAC your transaction would be
coded from money laundering corrupt bankers. 

This same TAC would be used to release your payment by the self serve service
on the secured transfer online site of Barclays Bank. Contact immediately
Mr.Robert Crago of Barclays Bank Online Payment Department with the following

Tel: +44 709 288 3748 or Mobile: +44 700580010

for further instructions.Regards,

Pierre Blanc


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