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4950. Leslie Bourgeois
Subject: Part time work


My name is Edward Martin. I'm the human resources department manager of the brokerage company BBT (
I want to tell you in brief about our company: BBT is large company having the staff of 3000 people and representative offices in more than 100 countries. The biggest part of our activity contains of trading stocks and currencies in different markets with the money of our clients.
The customers trust us their money as we offer them guarantied commission from the money they invest. Our brokers and traders team specialists are the most qualified all over the world.
We are offering you to join our team. First of all I want to ensure you that there is no start up fees, no training fees. NOTHING this is what you have to pay before and even during work with us. All the expanses you make we will 100% returned to you (when the receipts are provided).
We have specialists that work from United States and United Kingdom. Now we are trying to enlarge the activity field and hiring 2 qualified assistants to help them in market research, clients managing and other tasks. The work is not hard and will take 3-4 hours per day from start. You will work from home that will allow you to compare with the current employment.
The salary we offer you is fixed $2300 per month. After the month of trial period if you show yourself as a ambitious and responsible person, that performs the tasks as we instruct, we will go for the full time bases and will raise your salary and will offer benefits.
We would love to see you among our team. Please, let us know as soon as possible, because we need the person for this position immediately.

If you are interested in this position and already live in United States or United Kingdom, please send me your CV ONLY to e-mail:

For more information visit us at or 
e-mail us at

Best regards
Edward Martin
HR manager
BBT inc.

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