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4954. Hasane Kabbah



I am Mr HASANE KABBAH sourcing for services of an Oversea Investment 
Manager (OIM) to manage the sum of US$11 Million, this amount
represent an 
over invoiced amount of money from a contract that was awarded to an 
American Oil exploration company by Gabon National Petroleum in 2005, one 
year later in 2006,the American company completed the contract and was 
fully paid by direct Wire transfer for the execution of the contract, 
leaving the over invoiced sum safely deposited in a special security 
account managed and monitored by the top officers of the corporation that I 
represent, this top officer are in charge of the day to day running of 
accounts and finance section including the auditing department of the 
corporation and have perfected all documents to back up the payment as to 
avoid any trace whatsoever, which makes the transaction 100% risk free.
My request is your assistance in receiving this money using a secured 
account that is able to take this money and thereafter you invest it for a 
period of 2 years on their behalf. You would be entitled to 25% of the 
total fund in question, while 5% will be set aside for any sundry expenses 
incurred by both parties in the course of this transaction. I have noted 
your honesty and ability to protect the highly exalted positions of the 
officers here in discuss. On your acceptance to assist, we will first draft 
an MOU to be signed by both you and the group in a meeting that will be 
arranged at your instance before the processing of the payment, which will 
pass through the relevant authorities for purpose of authentication before 
a transfer to the account you will provide for this purpose.
As an administrative officer I was mandated to seek your indulgence on this 
matter, if this is acceptable to you, contact me strictly by email stating 
your private phone number Please DO NOT bother to respond if you are not 
Mr Hasane Kabbah

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