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4975. Mr Toni Delega
Subject: Contact Vital Finance Bank Western Union Department for your $850,000.00 USD

I Am Mr Toni Delega, secretary to Dr. Timothy Hanson. I'm writing to let you
know about your $850, 000, 00 that my boss issued on your name before his
travel out for his business purpose.

Before he travels out he instructed me to send you the total money through
Western Union Money Transfer because it will be less expensive and reliable for
you to be receiving your daily $5000 dollar until you receive your total money

Meanwhile, the manager stated yesterday that, the director administrator trust
funds have already signed and approved your payment, which you will be
receiving your payment 5000.00 Us Dollars immediately you sent them their
transfer charge of $95 and it will serve as reconfirmation of your file payment
from the office in charge.

So you are to contact them on below information,
Vital Finance Bank Western Union Department.
Location Address; Plot 1261, Adeola Hopewell Street CO/B/REP,
Contact Person: Mr Richard Anderson
Tele phone Number: +229 93459230
Email Address:

Be advise that the $95 is a compulsory as they told me that is only money you
will pay until you receive your payment completely .So reconfirm your details
to avoid any hitches in receiving your full payments.

Also do let me know immediately they have started sending you your money, but
try to comply with them to enable them serve you better.

secretary ,
Mr Toni Delega..

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