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4982. World Bank Support Projects
Subject: Project Funds Beneficiary!

World Bank Support Projects 2009
United Nation Poverty Alleviation

Over 10 million Europeans residents including USA and Canada will receive funds
from the World Bank projects for rehabilitation and community developments
project as well as poverty alleviation which includes HIV/AIDS support
programs; Help the Children foundation (world famine and healthcare
trust), Human Trafficking and Education Trust Funds for underdeveloped
African and Asian countries.

Our records indicate that you are one of the qualified individual in your
continent base on your educational background and business class in the
society. We therefore ask you to honour this email message in this regards.

Further information including process and remittance as well as programme
documentation will be provided by the commission and department of
International Monetary Funds for World Bank and United Nations.

Write to:
Mr. Alistair Darling

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