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4992. Mandla Gantsho
Subject: Hi

This is a request for confidential business relationship.

Firstly, how are you today? Hope fine, I am soliciting your confidence in this business transaction. I am Mr. MANDLA GANTSHO, a high placed officer working in African Development Bank (AFDB) Ouagadougou Burkina-Faso, we come across thousands and millions of dollars that belongs to one of our deceased customer who died on Monday 31 July 2005 in an auto crash and his fund has been dormant in his account without any claim of the fund in our custody, either from his family or relation to apply as the next of kin.

At this point, I am currently in need of a silent foreign partner who will help and provide him self with his profiles information’s which the African Development Bank (AFDB) Ouagadougou Burkina-Faso can use to transfer the sum of $14,000.000.00 in his/her account as the next of kin, this fund accrued legitimately and the fund is presently waiting to be remitted by our manager to any foreign beneficiary by us to the bank as the receiver of the fund.

However, by virtue of my positions as civil servant in our country, I cannot acquire this money in my name as a high placed civil servant can not be allowed by the civil service code of conduct to own or operate bank account outside our country and as a matter of trust, I look for an overseas silent partner in whose account the bank would transfer the sum of $14,000.000.00 for mutual benefits, what am requesting from you is; (1) to be a silent partner and receive the fund in your account, take out your commission and keep the rest of the money until I arrive in your country there to meet you after the transfer is completed.

My proposal is that, after you receive the fund, it will be sheared as follows: (1) I set aside 10% for any expenses incurred in this transaction, both telephone bills, fax bills and other bills (2) I map out 40% to you as your commission, while 50% belongs to me and you will be free to take out your commission immediately after the fund hit your account since my objective is to invest the money in a foreign country, it would be appreciated if you can also help me to invest my own part of the money into profitable ventures in your country under your kind control.

I plead with you on one issue, whether you are interested or not, kindly do not expose this information to any one else, I confirm that the transaction is legitimate and without any risk either to me or yourself, please give your response immediately by return mail while keeping everything confidential.

Thanks as am waiting to hear from you.


Contact N° : (+226) 78896261.

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