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5013. Rex Bode


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Rex Bode, the Human Resources Executive of Atlantic Oil & Gas 
Corporation. On the 15th of May 2003, Philips lob, an expatriate, who was a 
consultant/contractor with the Corporation, was found to have died in a plane 
crash along the Lekki Peninsula while on inspection tour of offshore oil 
facilities belonging to the Corporation. 
As the Welfare Director of the corporation, I contacted Philips bankers and 
briefed them of this development. The bankers informed me that since their 
client is dead, it is only the next of kin to the deceased with the proper 
legal documents that can compel them to pay his fixed deposit as an inherited 
estate. With the position of the financial outfit, I mandated the legal 
department of our firm to search for a relative of the deceased so that he 
can be presented as the next of kin to the bank.

But the only relative of the deceased, one Mr. Sam Leonard who was also the 
next of kin to the deceased according to his bank documents and who was last 
known to have lived in Latvia Eastern Europe, died as cancer patient some two 
months before his death. All efforts to trace other relatives of the deceased 
proved abortive, as all available links were exhusted. Three years after his 
death, with no news from any relative living anywhere and no one coming 
forward, we decided to seek a foreigner so that the fund can be transferred 
out of its present account to yours.

The account deposit contains US$12 million United States Dollars and it is 
important that a probable next of kin claims this fund within the next 
fourteen official working days. If no one comes for the claim before the 
stipulated time frame, the account would be closed as inactive and dormant 
and funds sent to the coffers of the government. This is in consonance with 
the stipulations of the enabling laws governing foreign inherited estates. 

I seek your consent to present you as the next of kin of the deceased.This 
would facilitate the payment of the proceeds of the said account to you. All 
I require is your honest cooperation to enable us seeing this through. I 
guarantee that this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will 
protect all the parties involved from any breach of the law. Please let me 
know what you intend to have as your commission if you agree to embark on 
this venture. 

Please reply me via my private email address: 
Best Regards,
Rex Bode.

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