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5018. Mark Ford

Dear friend,

Compliments and hope you are doing fine.
This letter may come as a surprise because we have not met
nor had any previous correspondences but was borne out of my
sincere burning desire to establish a business/mutual
relationship with you and l hope I will not regret ever
approaching you because this present world is filled of
dishonesty and mistrust.

My name is Mark Ford, the only son of Mr Terry Simpson Ford
who was murdered by the agents of President Robert Mugabe due to
his opposition to the oppressive and exploitative Land
reforms Act. Though, I do not know to what extent you are
familiar with events and fragile political situation in
Zimbabwe but I know it has formed consistent head lines in
the CNN, BBC news bulletins. You can further read about the
death my late father via:,2763,669960,00.html
The pressure from the government forced me and my family out
of Zimbabwe into exile in New Zealand and then down to
London, United Kingdom where we have been living under
political asylum for a few years now. Sadly, my mother died
of cancer some months ago and was buried here in London.
Prior to her death, she handed me over a certified
documents meant for Deposit, which my father made with the
bank. The deposit, which is worth $16,000.000.00(Sixteen
Million United States Dollars),was deposited in the bank
before the out break of war.

He deposited it in his name with the hope of relocating his
family to the neighboring town of Tanzania but was murdered
when the conflict intensified as a result of his opposition
to the oppressive and despotic government of Robert Mugabe. I
have contacted the bank to confirm the deposit and
established an ownership link as next of kin.

With respect to the certified document handed over to me by
my mother after the death of my father and followed by her
death and the continued hostility in my country Zimbabwe, I
have decided to remain here for now and solicit for the
assistance of an honest and trustworthy person who will
assist me in the business re-investment of the said money.

I cannot do this due to my present social status as a
refugee here in London and I am totally ignorant of the
business world. You will be given 30% of the said money and
also have a share holder base in the investment you will help me
to secure. If you are honest, trustworthy, capable of
investing this sum of money, contact me to give you all the
details you need to know about this immediately. For my
safety, you must maintain absolute confidentiality to ensure
success. Please, indicate your personal Tel/Fax numbers when
replying this mail. I will let you see my late father's
bank account statement in the bank when I receive your mail.

Best regards and God Bless,
Mark Ford.

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