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5027. Richard Coleman

Global Disaster relief agency
Office: 10 snow hill, London
EC1A, 2A1, England 96 DX
London, City. 

Dear Confident, 

I do crave your indulgence in communicating with you in this manner as this is
not naturally the best way of presenting such an offer of enormous mutual
For your introduction my name is Dr Richard Coleman and i am a member of the
board of trustees of the Global Disaster relief agency. 
My Agency has been saddled with the responsibility to alleviate the sufferings
of nations experiencing natural disasters ranging from hurricane infestations
in the americas to educationaland technological issues in Africa. 
We have a yearly funding from IFC(The international finance
corporation)a well known and established financial conglomerate 
of about $200,000,000.00 (Two hundred million united states dollars) 
My reason for contacting you is to know if you can partner with us in a
business partnership as my colleagues and i have decided to process and
transfer the sum of $75,000,000.00 (seventy five million united states
dollars) for the purpose of investment. 
Our intention is that if we have a viable partner in you,we shall process the
funds in your name or company name. 
On receipt of the funds we are to jointly agree on a very viable investment we
can go into together.The would range from agriculture,technological
investments. to real estate. 
The idea is that we intend to return the capital of $75,000,000,00
(seventy five million united states dollars)back to the agencies
account before our financial year end which comes up December 31st. 
The profit that would emanate from the business would be shared between us.We
as initiators of the transaction would have a fair share of 80% while you as
the custodian of the funds as well as manager of the funds for investments
would have 20%. 
Please understand that i am contacting you only because of the fact we cannot
do this alone,given our status and position as members of the board of
We are also very aware of the proliferation of emails on the internet
soliciting for funds transfer.We strongly advise you that this is not one of
those emails as this is purely a business proposal that requires a lot of trust
and hardwork. This is why we would require total committment,honesty and trust
from you as we see this as an opportunity of a lifetime. 
We would also employ you to discard this mail if you feel uninterested in this
partnership.This been that we are still career civil servants and we do have
personal and family responsiblities.We would not want to jopardise our many
years of service. 
please do get back to me with suggestions on how best we can invest this
money,for our mutual benefit. 
I do hope to hear from you soonest. 
Yours truly 
Richard Coleman

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