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5033. Asia Paper Mfg.
Subject: Overseas Agent Needed

Dear Sir/Madam,

Our company,Asia Paper Mfg.Co.Ltd of south Korea with brance in Hong Kong
is in need of credible individuals and corporate bodies in Europe and the
Americas to represent its interests with some companies that export
products from Korea to these continents.This message is sent in english
for general understanding.

As the head of human resource department/personnel manager/chief
recruitment officer,I have been mandated to seek individuals and corporate
bodies in North America and Europe for this purpose.We were able to get
your email address with the help of a market research based on your
country.Representatives will act as intermediaries between us and
customers in their country of residence.Representatives may also recieve
payments on our behalf  also help in placing orders for goods and services
that we may require in their country of residence.
You shall be paid a commssion of 15% for your service(s). We guarantee you
atleast a minimum of $5,000 monthly as a part time worker and can reach
$30,000 based on the volume and experience as time goes on.ou also have
the oppourtunity to be on retainership with us,by agreeing to carry out
our company legal obligations in north america(particulary in united
states of america)This option has being considered by the board of the
company,because we are yet to complete the process of registration of our
company in Europe and the Americas.

If you are interested, please send your
name,address,occupation,phone/cellphone number and fax to Mr.Chung Won in
charge of North American operations at:

Thank you.
Hiu Dae Soh (Head human resource/publice relations department),
for Asia Paper Mfg.Co.Ltd.

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