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5057. Mr. John Wild

Good day,

I am John Wild, I represent a top company executive in the
United States, Ruth Madoff wife of Bernard Madoff the disgraced
money manager and CEO of Madoff Securities presently facing
of a USD$50 Billion Dollar scam in the United States, his
business victims includes major Oil Companies, Construction
Companies, Banks and top figures arround the United States etc.

  I have a very sensitive and private brief from this top
executive wife "Ruth Madoff" to ask for your partnership to
re-profile funds over USD$15,000,000.00 I will give the
details, but in summary, the fund is living a Security
Company in Western Europe.

  This is a legitimate transaction but needs 100%
confidentiality from you because of the dire sensitivity of
the case at hand. You will be paid 40% of this fund for your
proposed "Management Fees", to assist her to re-profile these
funds appropriately to a new investment location if I am able
to reach terms with you. If you are interested, please write
back immediately and I will provide further details.

  Please keep this close to your chest as much as possible; we
can not afford to solve the problem if this issue blows up.
Write me back immediately as I look forward to it.

Yours truly,
John Wild

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