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5068. Richard Doherty
Subject: You Have A Job Offer

Good Day,

I'm Richard Doherty from England. We are looking for Representatives in the
United States for a part-time job offer and we are willing to pay you $400-$800
per week (depending on how fast you work). We are an Orphanage Home
Located in Winsford, Cheshire, UK. We have people and Organizations that wants
to make donation to us after we have made an appeal to them. We help the less
(In Africa and other Underdeveloped countries) with class programs,
Medical Programs, Famine Feed, Educational Programs (TEP) and more.

So we need representatives in the United states who would assist us in
receiving these Donations and we are going to pay you 10% of every donation you
receive. These Donation comes in checks or money orders and it would be mailed
to you by our donors to your location through UPS or FEDEX , So all you just
have to do is receive the check then cash it after which you would take 10% of
the money and send the balance to us through Western Union Money Transfer.

The reason why we are in need of people in the United States to help us cash
these checks is that the checks do take us 21-30 days for it to be cashed here
in the UK, But it does not take that much time for it to be cashed in the US
since its a US checks/money orders. We are also using it as a means to help
people who needs extra money to support there income because we do pay 25% as
tax on any check we receive in the UK. So we decided to make the transaction
faster and use it to help people. The only problem we have is trusting you with
our money. Though
anyone who tries to runaway with our money would be reported. So can we trust
you with the Orphans Donations?

If interested please reply to this email with the Information Below

1. Your Names: (Which will be on the check)
2. Your Address: Zip code, state. (Where the check would be sent)
3. Your Home and cellphone Number (To Contact You)
4. Your Age and Gender:
5. Occupation:
6. Email address.

God bless you as you reply, please we want serious people only.

Dr Richard Doherty.

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