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5075. Dr. Moses Afrad
Subject: Dear friend,

Dear friend,
Compliment of the season, I am Dr. Moses Afrad the personal adviser to the Director General of Foreign Affairs in South Africa. Dr. Ayanda Ntsaluba, i am present on a mission to acomplish an International Airport building
project of my state in London U.K.
I was also directed by my boss to secure a sincere forign business partner who we can loan money
for him to invest on his business and also nagociate a maxium parcentage he will be given to us as a profit from the investment. We have alot of government funds which was moved out diplomaticaly and secretly by my boss and have been stocked in a forign banks accounts and security storage firms in europe, my boss can not come out openly to invest this funds due to the eyes of the IMF
monitoring every Government official in my country, as a Governor he will not like to be exposed by anybody, that is why he advise me to use this opportunity of my trip outsid the country and secure for a business patner who we can work with in shifting funds outside the country.

Get back to me if you your interested and have a good lucrative idea of investment.

Kindly provide below informations for easy communication and also for us to know whome we are dealing with.

Your full name.............
Private contact telephon...........
Private email address for secret communicate...........
A copy of your ID or passport ID...........

I will be expecting to hear from you.
Dr. Moses Afrad

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