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5080. John Newman
Subject: Sub-broker / Payment Representative Needed Urgently!!!

John Newman
Head Of Public Relations
North American
Reply to:

Hello Beloved

Before I proceed I must first apologies for this
unsolicited mail to you. I am
John Newman,Head of Public Relations, (North
American Finance.TAX ID  
1741950). I would be very interested
in giving you a part-time paying job
as a
cash representative for (North
American Finance,TAX ID NUMBER;
26-1741950) in
the United States, in
which you could earn a lot.

This job would be based on contract and
commission terms, it is a  
part-time job
and it would involve quite a
lot of trust and honesty. This project has also
been developed not to affect
your present job nor bring about any form of
stress but in order to help
take care of those extra costs. Meanwhile, this is
100% legal and there is
no start up cost required.

Remember that your commission from this job
is 10% from every amount that you
will receive. This means that if you
receive $5,000.00 one day for  
example your
commission is $500.00 with
no actual work other than clearing the  
IRS at your BANK
and sending it to the designated detail given to you.You are
also entitle to
a basic Salary of $2,000 monthly.

(North American Finance)has been
contracted by Board of Internal
department and all payment is
coming from IRS office as tax refunds / rebate
cheques to our numerous
clients. So in view of this the company seeks your
consent / interest to
submit your name to receive part of the payment from
internal revenue office
on our behalf and on agreed commission as a sub-broker
I can assure you that
your insurance, Health and housing allowance will be
catered for (Effective
after 2 months of WORKING WITH US). This is  
as part of our
company welfare policy.

You may decline the policy offer anyway. Your
willingness to work as our
company  sub-broker / Payment Representative now,
will help and save time so
that this project can be concluded as soon as
possible and I am ready to get
you started  immediately.

We would be
willing to accept your application on contract basis as a
representative of
our company serving as our company payment representative
back in your
locality within the States, this way IRS could issue out payments
to you, so
you could then cash them easily, deduct 10% of the total amount on
payments as your commission and then send the balance over, to our
nominated bank account or via money transfer to the designated details
to you.

I am sending you this offer because clearing these funds will
take a longer
time, where we compile our bulk claims together and we need to
keep this
programme running. I would be glad if you accept our proposal as
we intend to
commence transactions as soon as you are ready(Within 2-3
business days of
approval of your application after due screening of your
personal data's from

IMPORTANT - You must be over 21 years
IMPORTANT-Must be available to check your
email regularly in a day and
carry out
instructions given to

What we offer you:
 Flexibility of hours (any hour you
 Work at home (all you have to do is check your email and go to
 Part Time/Full Time
 Daytime and Evening Hours

Professional management team with a strong support system

If interested,
Kindly request for an Application Form from us via email then
we'll make the
concluding arrangements on how you'll get started after  
cleared the details you have given us.Hoping to read from you

Reply to:

John  Newman
Head Of
Public Relations
North American Finance

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