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5108. Mrs. Tonia Musekiwa

Dear One

I am Mrs. Tonia Musekiwa, the wife of Mr. Nhamo Musekiwa who was Morgan Tsvangirai's bodyguard (MORGAN TSVANGIRAI leader of the MDC (Movement for Democratic Change) in Zimbabwe .On 25 October 2007, my husband Nhamo Musekiwa who was Morgan Tsvangirai's bodyguard died at Thembisa Hospital in Johannesburg where we are seeking asylum from Complications resulting from injuries sustained in March, 2007, during a crackdown by the government please read more about the death of my husband at the below website.

My Husband envisaged this crisis hence he had transferred most of his liquid funds to Johannesburg - South Africa to deposit the sum of US$11.4 Million with a Security and Finance Company here in South Africa as if he foresaw the looming danger in Zimbabwe.

The money was deposited in a Box as valuables to avoid much demurrage from the Security and Finance Company. Me and my only son Master Oscar Musekiwa are Asylum seekers in South Africa and the law of South Africa do not allow asylum seekers to do any financial transaction within South Africa and this is the reason of contacting you as my late Husband tagged the box family treasure for onward movement to his foreign partner.

I must let you know that this transaction is 100% risk free and legal kindly send me the below information. 1.YOUR FULL NAMES 2. YOUR HOME ADDRESS 3.YOUR COUNTRY OF ORIGIN 4YOUR DATE OF BIRTH. 5.YOUR PHONE NUMBER 6.YOUR OCCUPATION

Finally, I am very sick since the death of my husband, kindly phone and email my only son Master Oscar Musekiwa at +27787961304 as he wait for your phone call and email today for further.

N/B. for assisting me getting this US$11,400,000:00 to your country i will give you 20% of the US$11.4M when the consignment gets to you in your country.

God bless.
Yours Faithfully,
Mrs. Tonia Musekiwa

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