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5125. Bank Of New York Mellon

    TEL: (1) 646-346-7909
    FAX: (1) 253-276-2344

    Attention: Ted L. Farner,

Be informed that the hold up on the funds is as a result of the International Clearance Code which is to be obtained from the Central bank of Nigeria, but be informed that you have been advised against dealing with the CBN due to the bad elements therein there that has made it so difficult for you to get your funds, so you are to contact Dr. Michael Neudeck of Michael Neudeck & Associates on how you would secure the said ICC code.

Be rest assured that once you secure the ICC upon your login into your account your funds would have reflected and once you input the code you would be able to make the wire online to your bank account; be informed that once you click on make transfer section in your account you would be the one to input the details of your bank account where you want to wire the funds to.

The total balance of $18,500,000.00 only would be readily available for wire in your account with us once you secure the ICC code, kindly note that we had made enquiry to this effect and notified that the sum total $1,859 is required to secure the ICC code from the CBN, you are to contact the Dr. Michael Neudeck, for instructions on how to make the payment available to them so they can secure the ICC code for you.

We await signal from the CBN so that, you would be able to wire your funds whenever you log in next into your account with us when you have your ICC code at hand.

Keep us updated with your correspondence, so that, we can also follow it up on your behalf.

    Thank you for helping us serves you better

    Yours Faithfully,

     Mr Mickel Certs.
    Head of Foreign Operation & Transfer

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