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5260. Sgt. William Lathan
Subject: Dear Friend !!!

Dear Friend,

My name is Sgt. William Lathan, an American soldier; with Swiss Background,
serving in the military of the 3rd Infantry Division in Iraq with a very
desperate need for Assistance. I and my partners moved one of the boxes
containing funds which we believe is belonging to Saddam Hussein in March
2003, the total fund in this box is TWENTY-TWO MILLION UNITED STATE
DOLLARS,( $22M ) this fund had been moved via a safe Diplomatic
Service to a secured security company, Click on this link:

Basically since we are working for the American government we cannot keep
these funds, we are Three (3) persons in involved. This means that you
will take 25% percent and 75% will be for me / my partners. This business
is confidential, and we plead that it should not be discussed with anyone.
There is no risk whatsoever involved as we left this fund in the Security
Company without declaring its contents for this period of time to make
sure that the fund will be safe to transfer for investment. If you are
interested, I will send you the full details, my job is to find a good
partner that we can trust and will assist us.

Kindly send me an e-mail signifying your interest including your FULL
CONTACT DETAIL, Name, Address and Telephone/fax numbers for quick
communication. I assure you that this transaction is risk free and its
success is 100% guaranteed Please help us to help you.

Sgt. William Lathan

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