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5288. HSBC Payment Bond


 Following the protest of the International Community, The World Bank,

IMF and instruction from the new president of the Economic Community 
of West African States  (ECOWAS). Dr. Mohamed Ibn Chambas. Those 
outstanding foreigner debts especially contracts/inheritance payment of 
60% of their initial fund should be compensated to the beneficiaries forth 
with unconditionally.

>From the records of outstanding debts due for payment with the Economic
of West African States your name was discovered on the list of the outstanding,
have not received their payments.

Due to your past efforts and attempts to transferred your fund, we wish to
inform you that 
your payment, as a result of the present global credit crunch and prevailing
economic situation, 
it is going to presently be difficult for you to receive your funds via direct
wire transfer. 
Arrangements have however just been concluded with HSBC Security for you to
receive your 
payment by HSBC Bonds which can be discounted into your account. If this
alternative meets 
your approvals, I will put you in direct contact with the banking officers in
charge of the transaction.

Thanks for the good attention.

 Mrs. Charity Stan.

Alternative email:

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